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Life is full of uncertainties. I have always believed the importance of earning a passive income and having an ideal Plan B to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

Hi, I am Ying Ee. I used to work in the finance industry for many years before I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mum to 2 lovely children and now a stay-at-home daughter in law to my father-in-law. In between years, I have been doing freelance jobs to keep up with the high standard living of Singapore. However, in the long run, this is never a solution to build up my children tertiary educational funds, my father-in-law medical fees or even our retirement funds.

Thus I am determined to find a way out.I am so grateful to chance upon this digital online business which provides a proven automated system, user friendly online training, continuous support of mentors and coaches and a global supportive community. What I love most is the time flexibility of this business. It enables me to look after my father-in-law and at the same time having an extra source of income to provide a better future for my family.Join me on this transformational journey where you can learn how to earn revenue online and help others to do the same!

Tan Ying Ee

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More experienced members act as mentors, offering guidance and advice to those who are newer to the digital business world.

Ongoing learning and professional development allows team members to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in social media advertising.

Continuous Learning

Enable direct communication with leads through social media, email marketing, and live chat, fostering stronger lead relationships.

Direct Lead Engagement

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Our automated systems operate around the clock, allowing you to run your business 24/7 while still maintaining work-life balance.

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I am a strong believer of one must not rely on just 1 income. I have been in several side hustles for the past decades trying to find that reliable Plan B. My pains and struggles have always been my WHY to keep on pursuing. 4 years ago, I chanced upon this digital business and since then, it has been life changing for me.

I’m glad I took the important step to try a totally new way to earn extras 3 years ago. It is not an easy route but definitely worth it. Now I can confidently say that I’m more ready to handle the uncertainties in today’s VUCA world.



After 2 decades in the corporate world, I left my thriving career after realising the importance of being a present mom to my 2 boys. As a single mom & sole breadwinner, I ventured into the traditional business of after-school programs for 8 years. It was a tough journey with inconsistent income and low profits. I stumbled upon a lifeline after another major life adversity - a life-changing online business opportunity. Embracing the digital landscape, I am now breaking free from the cycle of daily grinds while hustling alongside my full-time job. This online business has proven that financial security and quality time with loved ones can go hand in hand.

I was a weekend mum, and I knew this had to stop once my boy started school. So my plan is to leave my job when he is 6 to be a present mum for him. That means we will have one less income. Thankfully, this business allows me to bring forward that plan and be available for my children and also bring home an income.


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